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Past Executive

LiT 2014-2015

LiT Executive from 2014-2015

Left to right:Volunteer Coordinators: Anna Culjak and Miriam Bishay, Research Coordinator: Danica Facca, Program Director: Daniel Passafiume, Programming Coordinator: Paige McParlan, Fundraising Coordinator: Carly Smith, Events Coordinator: Brennan Dedecker, Schools and Housing Liaison: Anita Dabirzadeh.

Not pictured: Bria Barton - Research Coordinator 2

LiT 2013-2014

Program Director: Heer Shah
Schools and Housing Liaison: Mannat Sharma
Volunteer Coordinators: Ashleigh Davis and Daniel Passafiume
Fundraising Coordinator: Alyssa Segula
Programming Coordinator: Erin White
Program Administrator: Paige McParlan
Events Coordinator: Ange Burns

LiT 2012-2013

Program Director: Bogdan Pascalau
Volunteer Coordinator: Pooja Patel
Fundraising and Events: Rhea Rawat
Fundraising and Events: Carly Ellis
Communications Officer: Candice Cybulskie
Programming Coordinator: Erin White
Programming Coordinator: Adam Ly

LiT 2011-12
Left to Right: Carling Watson (Programming Coordinator), Candice Cybulskie (Programming Coordinator), Jasreen Cheema (Program Director), Bogdan Pascalau (Fundraising and Events Coordinator), Veronica Sjolin (Volunteer Coordinator)
Missing: Elisabeth Fell (Schools and Housing Communities Liaison)

LiT 2010-11
Top row: Meghan Piccinin, Meagan Wiebe, Noor Jawaid, Emily Latourell, Christina Wiggers, Sonam Cheema, Keefer Wong
2nd row: Alyssa Lane, Veronica Sjolin, Toni Klages, Jasreen Cheema, Ashley Hassard, Miriam Punnoose, Carling Watson
Bottom row: Caroline Douville, Brandon Arbour
Missing: Elisabeth Fell, Lexie Smith – Rubenzotl

LiT 2009-10
Program Director Meaghan Alexander, Volunteer Coordinator Jacquelyn
Quirk, Programming Coordinator Drew Maharaj, Fundraising and Events
Gladys Yeung, Schools Liaison Dilshad Lakhani, Housing Projects
Liaison Sheetal Dua, Research Coordinator Linda Vi.

LiT 2008-09
Assistant Team Leader Jacquelyn Quirk, Program Director Derek Bos, Volunteer Coordinator Meaghan Alexander, Team Leader Jacquelyn Saba, Team Leader Samantha Pang. Missing from photo: Programming Coordinator Sheetal Dua, Assistant Team Leader Lisa Thiessen, Assistant Team Leader Krista Whitney, Research Coordinator Linda Vi, External Communications Officer Blair Myers

LiT Jan 06 – Apr 06
Haley Shannon
Anna Njarlangattil
Linda Vi
Shipa Gupta
Missing From Photo:
Mentor: Steve Trujillo

LiT May 06 – Apr 07
Executive Team:
Farisa Hossain – Program Facilitator 
Anna Njarlangattil – Internal Coordinator
Linda Vi – External Coordinator
Shipa Gupta – Volunteer Coordinator
Missing From Photo:
Advisor: Dr. Lorie Donelle

LiT May 07-Apr 08
Executive Team:
Farisa Hossain – Finance and Purchasing
Tracy Quach – Research Assistant
Minnie Rai – Research Assistant
Derek Bos – Program Facilitator
Linda Vi – Project Manager
Anna Njarlangattil – External Coordinator
Shipa Gupta – Internal Coordinator
Missing From Photo:
Suman Bhella – Program Coordinator; Mira Maximos – Volunteer Coordinator; Adivsor – Dr. Lorie Donelle