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Adults aged 19-44 years who have successfully completed high school are invited to participate in research investigating the nature of similarities and differences in language and problem-solving in adults who have been diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome (AS) or Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD). Participants will be asked about their understanding of word meanings and metaphors. They will have the neural responses to questions about metaphors recorded, and their responses will be compared to participants who do not have a diagnosis. By examining the electrical signals emitted from the brain when different types of word pairs are presented (e.g., literal, unrelated, or metaphorical), we can see if there are differences between these groups of adults in the way that their brains process word meanings. As well, by comparing word knowledge to visual-spatial problem-solving, we can determine whether non-language strengths and weaknesses that are common to adults with AS and NLD deserve further investigation in relation to language ability.

We hope to find skills that will differentiate adults with AS and NLD from each other, and from typical adults, or to rule out differences in the areas that we are investigating. More clearly distinguishing between features of AS and NLD will in future help earlier diagnosis, and suggest practical, adaptational strategies for adults who face barriers as a result of AS or NLD.

We are seeking 32 adults with AS or NLD, and 16 adults with a history of typical development to complete our testing procedure.


If you are interested or would like further information, please contact:

Margot Stothers, MEd, Phd (Candidate) at 519-661-2111, x88006 or by email.

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