TUTOR-PHC - A Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Strategic Training Program



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: If I receive another fellowship/funding after I am accepted, what happens?
A: It depends on the source of the alternate funding.

  • You may be able to hold two fellowships if rules allow.
  • TUTOR may top up your alternate funding if applicable.
  • You may relinquish your TUTOR funding but continue in the program.

Q: Is TUTOR recognized as a course at all Canadian Universities?
A: The TUTOR-PHC program is accredited through The University of Western Ontario. Students from other Ontario Universities can apply to have the program count toward their degree without paying extra tuition. Students from the rest of Canada can apply to have the program count toward their degree (through the Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement (CUGTA)) but will be charge tuition for the course (approx, $900)

Q: What will my title be if I am accepted into the TUTOR program?
A: You will be recognized as a “CIHR Strategic Training Fellow”

Q: Am I eligible to apply for the program if I am not a Canadian citizen?
A: Yes, you are eligible to apply but, depending on the circumstances, you may not be eligible to receive a fellowship. You must be enrolled in a Canadian University to receive a fellowship (stipend).