TUTOR-PHC - A Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Strategic Training Program



Training Manuals & Concept Papers


Training Manuals and Concept Papers created by TUTOR-PHC

  1. Faden L & Meredith L. (2007). The TUTOR-PHC Guide to Facilitating On-line Workshops. TUTOR-PHC Concept Paper

Workshop Modules

  1. Brown JB, Meredith L, Stewart M, Beaulieu MD, Watt S, Reid G, McWilliam C, Dolovich L, Thomas MacLean R, Ramsden V. (2008). Transdisciplinary Research Teams in Primary Health Care: Who Are They; What Do They Bring From Their Unique Discipline and How Do They Work Together? TUTOR-PHC Concept Paper.

  2. Perreault K, Boivin A, Pauzé E, Terry AL, Newton C, Dawkins S, Houle J, Brown JB. (2009). Interdisciplinary primary health care research training through TUTOR-PHC: the insiders’ view, Journal of Interprofessional Care, 23(4), 414-6.

  3. Thomas-MacLean R, Tarlier D, Fortin M, Ackroyd-Stolarz S., Stewart M. (2008).“No Cookie-Cutter Response” Conceptualizing Primary Health Care. TUTOR-PHC Concept Paper.

  4. Stewart, M., Reid, G., B, Judith, Burge, F., DiCenso, A., Watt, S., McWilliam, C., Beaulieu, M., Meredith, L. Development and Implementation of Training for Interdisciplinary Research in Primary Health Care, Academic Medicine, 85, 6.