TUTOR-PHC - A Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Strategic Training Program



Application Process


Who Should Apply

This training program is aimed at students and their supervisors ( Supervisor's Role ) from Canadian Universities who are interested in interdisciplinary primary health care research regardless of their home discipline.

Students could include:

  • mid-career clinicians
  • post-doctoral fellows
  • residents doing research fellowships
  • graduate students
  • outstanding undergraduate students


To receive a fellowship, applicants must be a Canadian citizen, a landed immigrant or a foreign student enrolled in a Canadian University.

Selection Criteria

GOAL: To have a mix of disciplines relevant to primary health care research for each selection cycle.

All trainees will have:

  • An interest in participating in interdisciplinary primary health care research
  • Looking toward an academic career with substantial research commitment
  • A primary health care research idea that the student can briefly describe
  • An identified supervisor who is interested in participating
  • English equivalency
  • An A- average in the latest program of study (last 20 half courses)
  • Also, for mid-career clinicians, post-doctoral fellows and residents doing research fellowships:
  • Relevant academic and professional experience (through CV). In certain circumstances, this experience will be considered in lieu of the A- average in the latest program of study

Of note:
1) Mid-career clinicians are practicing, registered, health professionals who are looking to engage in independent research or moving toward an academic career in primary health care research. This would normally exclude employees/project coordinators not conducting independent research. (In rare instances, a research project coordinator with a stated intention to pursue an independent career in research would be considered.)
2) Those who have completed a PhD and are already in an academic faculty position would be considered overqualified for this program

How to Apply - Application Process

  • Application packages: can be mailed or emailed in separate sections but the SAME NAME must be used on all sections. Signatures are required (faxed, emailed or mailed). Click here for all application forms

  • Official transcripts: If mailed must be in official sealed envelope. If faxed, faxed directly from university transcript office. Only the latest official transcript is needed if attended school in past 10 years.

  • Supervisor and/or Reference forms: If mailed, must be in sealed envelope with signature across seal. If emailed, email must be directly from the supervisor/reference or his/her assistant (not the applicant’s email address). Click here for all application forms

  • Please DO NOT fax CVs or other large documents.

A confirmation will be sent to you as soon as we receive your package. We will be using your email address for most of our communication with you. If you have a preference for another method, please be sure to advise us at this point.

for submitting applications:
October 31, 2013
for an April/May 2014 Program Start

Please mail or fax application to:

Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research - Primary Health Care (TUTOR-PHC),
Department of Family Medicine
The Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine
Second Floor
Western University
1151 Richmond St
London, ON Canada
N6A 3K7

Email: tutor@uwo.ca