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Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research - Primary Health Care,
Centre for Studies in Family Medicine,
The Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine,
Western University,
1151 Richmond St,
London, ON, Canada N6A 3K7

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Centre for Studies in Family Medicine,
Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine (PHFM),
Room 2137,
Western University,
1465 Richmond Street,
London, ON, N6G 2M

Tel: (519) 661-2111 Ext. 22089
Fax: (519) 858 5029   

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Alumni Profiles




Christine Beck

Christine Beck, Primary Care Research Fellow, Department of Family Medicine, Dalhousie University

Discipline: Family Medicine
Research Interests: health services, administrative databases, primary care, care if the elderly
TUTOR Project: Ensuring the quality of end of life care for community-dwelling elderly individuals

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Mylaine Breton

Mylaine Breton, PhD (c), Santé Publique, Université de Montréal

Discipline: Occupational Therapy
Keywords: Health care organization - major interest in primary care
TUTOR Project: Assessment of trajectories of care among patients with an initial diagnosis of metastatic cancer may reveal severe deficiencies in primary care experiences prior to diagnosis
Current Position: postdoctoral award for Canadian Health Services Research Foundation titled: Improving delivery and integration of primary care services: A priority in Québec

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Simone Dahrouge

Simone Dahrouge, PhD (c) Population Health, University of Ottawa

Discipline: Epidemiology
Research Interests: development, implementation and outcome evaluation of clinical research; evaluation of PHC services with a goal of informing policy changes and practice management
TUTOR Project: My research interest (and thesis topic) is the evaluation of primary health care performance in serving the disadvantaged

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Catherine Goetz-Perry

Catherine Goetz-Perry, PhD (c) Clinical Health Sciences (Nursing), McMaster University

Discipline: Nursing
Research Interests: chronic disease prevention and management, health promotion, primary health care, interdisciplinary/inter-professional collaboration, advanced nursing practice roles and cardiac diseases risk identification and screening
TUTOR Project: The purpose of my proposed research project is to determine the effectiveness of integrated nurse-led and interdisciplinary team interventions to support health promotion and self management for adults with heart failure/coronary heart disease in rural and remote primary care settings.

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Shelley Holland Doucet

Shelley Holland Doucet, PhD (c), Interdisciplinary Studies, University of New Brunswick

Discipline: Nursing
Research Interests: mental health, child abuse and neglect, postpartum mood disorders and social support
TUTOR Project: explore the support needs of mothers who experience postpartum psychosis.
Current Position: Research Assistant, Faculty of Nursing , University of New Brunswick Fredericton; Clinical Lab Instructor , Department of Nursing, University of New Brunswick Saint John; Registered Nurse, Acute Care Mental Health, Saint John Regional Hospital

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John Kennelly

John Kennelly, MBChB, LLB, MSc, The University of Auckland

Discipline: Family Medicine
Research Interests: Implementation of heavy menstrual bleeding guideline; endometrial carcinoma; validation of clinical practice audit software; ethical and legal dimensions of clinical practice
TUTOR Project:To determine an accurate (acceptably sensitive and specific) combination of clinical risk factors for estimating pre-test probability of DVT in a patient who presents with lower limb swelling, redness or calf pain in primary care,

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Sally Lindsay

Sally Lindsay, PhD, CIHR Post-doctoral Fellowship, Public Health Sciences Department, University of Toronto

Discipline: Medical Sociology
Research Interests: Sociology of health and illness (health inequality, women's health, primary care, marginalized populations, rural health, health services research, population health)
TUTOR Project: This proposed research will explore the role of primary care providers in facilitating chronic disease self-management with specific attention to the barriers that they encounter

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Wendi Lokanc-Duluzio

Wendi Lokanc-Diluzio, PhD (c), Nursing, University of Calgary

Discipline: Nursing
Research Interests: sexual and reproductive health, health promotion, professional development, child adolescent health
TUTOR Project: The proposed study will report the results from an intervention that endeavors, through online (e-learning) and face-to-face in-services, to build the capacity of healthcare providers to deliver STI and HIV prevention education to street youth.

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Emily Marshall

Emily Marshall, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow, Gender, Culture and Health Research Unit, University of British Columbia

Discipline: Epidemiology
Research Interests: Health Services Research, health and society; population health; social determinants of health; primary health care access; physician-patient relations; life course perspective and health; gender and health
TUTOR Project: Understanding primary health care utilization, unmet health care needs and health status across ethnic groups in British Columbia: A mixed methods study

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Colleen McMillan

Colleen McMillan, PhD (c) Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier University

Discipline: Social Work
Research Interests: mental health, human development, gender and health, culture and health
TUTOR Project: A transdisciplinary approach at the family medicine level can be a critical juncture to preventing eating disorders among adolescent girls.

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Matthew Ridd

Matthew Ridd, MD, PhD (c) University of Bristol, UK

Discipline: Family Medicine
Research Interests:
TUTOR Project: How well does the doctor know you? Longitudinal care and the doctor-patient relationship. Are they associated with detection of depression and anxiety?

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Robyn Seller

Robbyn Seller, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow, Participatory Research, Department of Family Medicine, McGill University

Discipline: Anthropology
Research Interests: health and health care disparities for minority populations; health communication; participatory research; women, gender, and identity; transnationalism
TUTOR Project: The project intends to use a participatory approach to develop a partnership among health care providers, community groups, residents, patients, and families, and researchers in the Park Extension neighbourhood of Montreal, in order to assess needs and determine steps that would improve access to appropriate health care for South Asian women, and to develop activities, programmes, and interventions in consequence.

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Pearl Soltys

Pearl Soltys, PhD (c), Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba

Discipline: Occupational Therapy
Research Interests: Rural Health, Health Human Resources, Knowledge Translation, Professional Development and Continuing competence, Evidence-based Decision Making
TUTOR Project: A rural urban comparison of indicators of successful primary health care knowledge transfer with interdisciplinary health professional teams

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Cynthia Whitehead

Cynthia Whitehead, PhD (c), Community Health, University of Toronto

Discipline: Family Medicine
Research Interests: interprofessional collaboration, interprofessional education, components of highly effective team function, barriers to physician engagement in collaboration, developing definitions and models of "responsibility"
TUTOR Project: To test Shlenker's Triangle Model of Responsibility (Shlenker, Britt, Pennington, Murphy and Doherty 1994) using qualitative methods in a primary care setting using semantic structured interviews with physicians at various stages of their professional development

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