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Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research - Primary Health Care,
Centre for Studies in Family Medicine,
The Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine,
Western University,
1151 Richmond St,
London, ON, Canada N6A 3K7

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Centre for Studies in Family Medicine,
Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine (PHFM),
Room 2137,
Western University,
1465 Richmond Street,
London, ON, N6G 2M

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2007-2008 TUTOR-PHC Fellows

Abe Oudshoorn

Abe Oudshoorn, PhD (c), Nursing Department, The University of Western Ontario

Discipline: Nursing
Research Interests: Homelessness, Aging, Health Promotion
TUTOR Project: Ethnographic study of provider-client relationships in primary health care with people who are homeless (2007-08)
Current Position: Graduate Student; Lecturer School of Nursing, The University of Western Ontario

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Robyn Bluhm

Robyn Bluhm, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow, London Health Sciences Centre

Discipline: Philosophy
Keywords: Philosophy of science, health care ethics, resource allocation in health care
TUTOR Project: Examine the experiences of people in the London area who are seeking help for mental health issues, with a view to understanding how these experiences can be used to inform policy-making in primary mental health care (2007-08).
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA

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Enette Pauze

Enette Pauzé, PhD (c) Department of Health Policy Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto

Discipline: Health Policy
Research Interests: Collaborative mental health care, primary health care reform, interprofessional education, policy development, program evaluation, and knowledge translation and exchange.
TUTOR Project: Ontario family health teams: examining the interprofessional education needs of collaborative mental health care providers to improve mental health service delivery and patient outcomes (2007-08)
Current Position: Full time Graduate Student

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Gabriela Novotna

Gabriela Novotna, PhD (c) Faculty of Social Work, Wilfred Laurier University

Discipline: Social Work
Research Interests: The organizational context of treatment of co-occurring mental health, substance use and/or gambling problems; institutional environments of mental health, substance use and problem gambling treatment services; interrelationship between primary care and specialized care.
TUTOR Project: My research project will examine and analyze interrelationships between primary health care and specialized care in the delivery of treatment services for people with co-current pathological/problem gambling (2007-08)
Current Position: Full time Graduate Student

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Janie Houle

Janie Houle, PhD, : Post-doctoral Fellow, Centre de Recherche du Centre Hospitalier De L'université De Montréal (CHUM)

Discipline: Psychology
Research Interests: Mental health, shared care, depression, collaborative care, family physicians.
TUTOR Project: Improvement to screening and treatment of mental disorders in primary health care: a challenge in knowledge translation (2007-08)
Current Position: Chercheure postdoctorale, Département de medicine familiale, Université de Montréal; Professerure associée, Département de psychologie, Université du Québec a Montréal

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Aimee Coulombe

Aimée Coulombe, PhD (c) Department of Psychology, The University of Western Ontario

Discipline: Psychology
Research Interests: Sleep, sleep problems, parenting. I am interested in learning more about how parents respond to their young children who wake in the night and the factors that influence these responses.
TUTOR Project: The proposed project will examine a model of parenting under conditions of sleep deprivation and fatigue resulting form responding to children’s waking through the nights (2007-08)
Current Position: Full time Graduate Student

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Tim Shortus

Tim Shortus, MD, PhD (c) , University of New South Wales

Discipline: Family Medicine
Research Interests: Shared decision making in chronic disease care
TUTOR Project: Examining shared decision making in chronic illness care (2007-08)
Current Position: Parti-time Graduate Student; General Practitioner, Broadway General Practice, New South Wales, Australia; Conjoint lecturer, University of New South Wales

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Amanda Terry

Amanda Terry, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

Discipline: Epidemiology
TUTOR Project: To develop and pilot test a measure of electronic health record data quality for use in the Canadian primary health care setting (2007-08).
Current Position: Canadian Health Services Research Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow

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Antoine Boivin

Antoine Boivin, MD, MPH

Discipline: Family Medicine
TUTOR Project: develop an appraisal instrument measuring clinical practice guidelines ability to facilitate shared decision-making (2007-08)
Current Position: Professor of Clinical Teaching, Université de Sherbrooke; Medical advisory in program evaluation, primary care services and chronic disease management, Departement regional de santé publique de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue; Responsible de l’enseignement de la recherché, Unité de Médecine Familiale de Rouyn-Noranda

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Kakija Perreault

Kadija Perreault, PhD (c) Community Health, Laval University

Discipline: Physical Therapy
TUTOR Project: an evaluative study aiming to assess the impact of the implementation of an interdisciplinary clinical practice guide for the management of low back pain on the practice of physicians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists in the province of Quebec (2007-08)
Current Position: Full time Graduate Student; Physiothérapeute

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Karen Davison

Karen Davison, PhD (c) Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary

Discipline: Nutrition
Research Interests: mental health, neurodegenerative disorders, behaviour and cognitive impairment and their relationships to dietetics practice (2007-08)
TUTOR Project: Factors influencing dietetics practice in a primary mental health care context (2007-08)
Current Position: Full time Graduate Student

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Christie Newton

Christie Newton, MD, University of British Columbia

Discipline: Family Medicine
Research Interests: Interprofessional education and collaborative patient-centred practice
TUTOR Project: The (continued) implementation and evaluation of a service-learning model of interprofessional practice and education at the UBC Health Clinic (2007-08)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Family Practice, University of British Columbia

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Su-Er Guo, PhD, University of British Columbia

Discipline: Nursing
Research Interests: nursing, primary health care, health promotion, health behaviours
TUTOR Project: Factors InfluencingReferral of COPD Patients for Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs in BC (2007-08)
Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia

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Sue Dawkins

Sue Dawkins, MSc, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Discipline: Nursing
Research Interests: nurse practitioners
TUTOR Project: to develop heath services suitable for the education and prevention of obesity (2007-08)
Current Position: Nurse Practitioner, New Zealand

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