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Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research - Primary Health Care,
Centre for Studies in Family Medicine,
The Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine,
Western University,
1151 Richmond St,
London, ON, Canada N6A 3K7

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Centre for Studies in Family Medicine,
Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine (PHFM),
Room 2137,
Western University,
1465 Richmond Street,
London, ON, N6G 2M

Tel: (519) 661-2111 Ext. 22089
Fax: (519) 858 5029   


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Onil Bhattacharyya

Onil Bhattacharyya, MD, PhD

Discipline: Family Medicine
TUTOR Project: A Knowledge Translation Intervention to Improve Cholesterol Management in Diabetes in Remote Aboriginal Communities (2005-06)
Current Position: Clinician Scientist, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto; Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto

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Liz Quinlan

Liz Quinlan, PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies

Discipline: Sociology
Research Interests: knowledge translation, health services, and research methods, public health
TUTOR Project: The project will be an exploratory study of the knowledge translation practices within multi-disciplinary health care teams (2005-06)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology at University of Saskatchewan

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Kevin Pottie

Kevin Pottie, MD, CCFP, M.Cl.Sci.

Discipline: Family Medicine
TUTOR Project: The development of a practical prevention guide to improve health outcomes for immigrants from developing countries (Methods: systematic review, participatory research, secondary data base analysis, program evaluation). (2005-06)
Current Position: Principal Scientist, Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa; Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa

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Bridget Ryan

Bridget Ryan, PhD (c) , Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Western Ontario

Discipline: Epidemiology
TUTOR project: Factors associated with Adolescent Family Physician Utilization. (2005-06)
Current Position: Full time Graduate Student

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Lisa Vreugdenhil

Lisa Vreugdenhil, MSW

Discipline: Social Work
Research Interests: qualitative research, family medicine & fibromyalgia, chronic pain management
TUTOR Project: The experience of caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's disease/dementia when considering accessing community services to assist with caregiving responsibilities (2005-06)
Current Position: Social Worker, Thames Valley family health team, Byron Village Medical Centre

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Lorraine Holtslander

Lorraine Holtslander, PhD, University of Saskatchewan

Discipline: Nursing
Research Interests: end of life care, specifically bereaved family caregivers
TUTOR Project: Searching for new hope: A grounded theory of the experience of hope for the older woman who is a bereaved palliative caregiver. (2005-06)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan

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Kalpana Nair

Kalpana Nair, PhD (c) Health Research Methodology, McMaster University

Discipline: Epidemiology
Research Interests: qualitative research methods; mixed methods; patient perspective; program evaluation; chronic disease management; interdisciplinary research
TUTOR Project: Maximizing the potential of interdisciplinary health research: A multiple case study to evaluate the impacts of interdisciplinary. (2005-06)
Current Position: Part-time Graduate Student; Research Coordinator, St. Joseph's Healthcare

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Doug Bickford

Doug Bickford, MSc

Discipline: Physical Therapy
Research Interests: Lower extremity biomechanics and injury, physical therapy services within a multidisciplinary team, physical therapists as primary care providers
TUTOR Project: To explore participant’s impressions of the primary care reform project and changes that have recently occurred in the military (2005-06)
Current Position: Major, Canadian Armed Forces; Clinic Manager responsible for the provision of Health Care (including Primary Care) to approx 8000 soldiers in Edmonton, Calgary, Suffield and Yellowknife

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Sheri Ewing

Sheri Ewing, PhD (c) University of Calgary

Discipline: Nursing
Research Interests: female adolescent health/access of PHC
TUTOR Project: Experience of sexually active adolescents when they receive an abnormal Pap smear result (2005-06)
Current Position: Full time student

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Catherine Hudon

Catherine Hudon MD, MSc, PhD (c), CMFC

Discipline: Family Medicine
Research Interest: Empowerment, Chronic diseases, Comorbidity, Multimorbidity.
TUTOR Project: Elaboration of an intervention based on the collaboration of nurse and family physician to promote physical activity in patients with multimorbidity (2005-06)
Current Position: Professor associée, Scinces humaines, Université du Québec; Professeure agrégée Médicine de famille, Université de Sherbrooke

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Wendy Peterson

Wendy Peterson, BScN, PhD

Discipline: Nursing
TUTOR project title: how do providers who are perceived as expert in establishing interpersonal relationships with adolescent mothers describe their relational expertise, what contextual factors influence the providers' ability to develop and practice this relational expertise (2005-06)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa

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Elaine Chong

Discipline: Pharmacy
Keywords: Gender, Ethnicity, Preventative screening, Pharmaceutical utilization, Population health outcomes
TUTOR project title: Women’s health outcomes in an ethnic population: an analysis of breast and cervical cancer screening, hormone replacement therapy use, and oral contraceptive use by Asian females attending a specialized outpatient clinic (2005-06)
Current Position: Director, Evaluation, Drug Use Optimization, Pharmaceutical Services Division, BC Ministry of Health Services

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