TUTOR-PHC - A Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Strategic Training Program






  • My overall goal was to become a better researcher. I think the readings, presentations and opportunities for networking were invaluable in helping me move toward this goal.
  • My goals and expectations were exceeded across the board.
  • The tremendous commitment, enthusiasm, experiences and knowledge of the mentors was the foundation for this excellent symposium.
  • High calibre of TUTOR faculty - dedication/mentorship of trainees, passion about interdisciplinary research was contagious.
  • Very welcoming staff and mentors - really set a collaborative, interdisciplinary tone. Energizing and inspiring me to focus my career on a research direction.
  • My goals were well met and I now feel quite excited about the potential opportunities.



  • I have spent the most exciting week of my junior research career; I'd like to thank you for your incredible support and feedback; You have contributed much more than I could have expected.
  • I was amazed at the high level and interesting perspectives provided by the cross disciplinary exchange!! Thanks for the valuable insights.
  • It was very useful to get comments from a broad range of perspectives. Part of the reason that it was so helpful is that everyone provided thoughtful and constructive comments. It was especially helpful for my own project because I found that in order to respond to others' questions or comments, I really had to think about why I was taking a particular approach.


  • I think that this process has been extremely valuable in my research training, and must admit, that it surpassed my expectations. The first thing that I learned is that heterogeneity is a good thing. Rather than having a team comprised of folks with similar training and backgrounds (like teams that I am used to functioning in), a group with such diversity provided us with the opportunity to expand our minds beyond our comfort zones. My experience has been so incredibly positive, that I intend to adopt more interdisciplinary practices in my research program.
  • I think the most useful part [of TUTOR] was the RFP. I really learned so much from that exercise. I lived the study for the past 7 weeks and actually am quite disappointed now that its not a real study!”


  • This was a very rewarding process.
  • I liked the fact that we had specific readings to serve as a common starting point for the discussions. It was most helpful to hear the views of other disciplines because they suggested covariates (& ways to measure them) that I would probably not have thought about.
  • The opportunity to gain confidence in my own level of knowledge and ability to exchange ideas with peers at this level was the most helpful.
  • The most useful part of the workshop was the recognition that primary health care implies complex interrelationships and a big picture orientation.


  • The program provided the ability to engage in dialogues and thoughtful debates with health care researchers across Canada thereby enabling me to come a way with a greater appreciation of the issues and possibilities in the area of primary health care research.
  • The interdisciplinary experience was the best experience; that is, getting a sense of other disciplines research questions, biases, methods etc.
  • I am certain that my TUTOR postdoc was a major factor in securing a tenure track position, and I am now a member of a large, interdisciplinary research group that is addressing issues that extend well beyond the parameters of the areas of interest established prior to participating in TUTOR.