Dr. Rob Alder

Adjunct Associate Professor

P: (519) 675-0180

F: (519) 850-5219

E-mail: Robert.Alder@schulich.uwo.ca




Dr. Alder is the Director of Canadian Epidemiology Services, a global health program monitoring and evaluation consulting firm based in London, Canada. His research interests are in applying epidemiology to health services planning, monitoring and evaluation; with expertise is in population health status profiles as well as survey research methodology including questionnaire psychometrics. With CIDA funding, he authored reports on conditions requiring an emergency medical response in Malaysia and Kerala, India. He has recently completed household surveys on maternal and neonatal health in Kenya and Liberia for their Red Cross Societies, and is currently working on maternal health program evaluation projects for Save The Mothers in Uganda and Tanzania. Dr. Alder also has expertise in needs-based and competency-based health human resources (HHR) planning for surge events such as pandemic influenza, SARS or natural disaster. In collaboration with the WHO Collaborating Center for Health Human Resources Planning and Research, he has conducted competency-based HHR planning for governments in Nunavut, Jamaica and Brazil.


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