Dr. Rob Alder

Adjunct Associate Professor

P: (519) 675-0180

F: (519) 850-5219

E-mail: ralder@uwo.ca




My area of interest is health services research. Specifically my focus is on health system and health educational program evaluation as well as needs-based health human resources planning. With colleagues at Dalhousie and other Canadian universities we have a research contract with the Vancouver Island Health Authority to evaluate the effectiveness of new models of care being implemented in medical/surgical units of their acute care hospitals. Recently we completed a similar project in Nova Scotia. I have also recently completed an evaluation of primary health care renewal in Newfoundland & Labrador and the introduction of physician assistants in Ontario emergency departments.  I am currently collaborating in an evaluation of a shortened bachelor of science in nursing program in British Columbia, and in the evaluation of a Masters of Public Health Leadership program in Uganda. I am a partner with the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborative Center for Health Workforce Planning and Research. We conduct health human resources planning based on trends and projections in select population health status indicators of the given jurisdiction. Jurisdictions in which we have been funded to do this work include Brazil, Jamaica and Nunavut.


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