Dr. Sisira Sarma

Assistant Professor

P: (519) 661- 2111 ext: 87583

F: (519) 661-3766

E-mail: sisira.sarma@schulich.uwo.ca




  • Health Policy

  • Health Economics

  • Cost-Effectiveness

  • Health Econometrics

  • Health Services Research


  • BAfffff     (Honours) Economics

  • MAffffff   Economics

  • M.Phillfff Economics    

  • PhDffff    Economics


  • S. Sarma et al. Do primary care reforms influence physician performance and patient outcomes? Econometric analyses of Ontario's primary healthcare delivery models (CIHR; 2013-2017): $467,529.


  • E. Ewara, G. Zaric, S. Welch and S. Sarma. Cost-effectiveness of first line treatments for KRAS wild type metastatic colorectal cancer. Current Oncology, forthcoming.

  • S. Hollands, M.K. Campbell, J. Gilliland and S. Sarma. Association between fast-food and full-service restaurant density and BMI: A cross-sectional study of Canadian adults. Canadian Journal of Public Health, forthcoming.

  • S. Sarma, G. Zaric, M.K. Campbell and J. Gilliland. The effect of physical activity on adult obesity: Evidence from Canadian NPHS panel. Economics and Human Biology 14, 2014, 1-21.

  • M. Hajizadeh, M.K. Campbell and S. Sarma. Socioeconomic inequalities in adult obesity risk in Canada: Trends and decomposition analyses. European Journal of Health Economics, 15(2), 2014, 203-221.

  • K. Sunderajan, M.K. Campbell, Y-H. Choi and S. Sarma. The relationship between diet quality and adult obesity: Evidence from Canada. Journal of the American College of Nutrition 33(1), 2014, 1-17.

  • S. Hollands, M.K. Campbell, J. Gilliland and S. Sarma. A spatial analysis of the association between restaurant density and body mass index in Canadian adults. Preventive Medicine, 57(4), 2013, 258-264.

  • S. Sarma, R.A. Devlin, A. Thind and M. Chu. Canadian family physicians’ decision to collaborate: Age, period and cohort effects. Social Science & Medicine, 75(10), 2012, 1811-1819.

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