Dr. Greta Bauer

Associate Professor

P: (519) 661-2111 ext: 86262

F: (519) 661-3766

E-mail: greta.bauer@schulich.uwo.ca




  • LGBT health

  • Community-based epidemiology

  • Validity issues in observational studies

  • Methodologic and ethical issues in studying hidden populations

  • Public health ethics

  • Aetiology of vertical and horizontal STI transmission

  • Viral sexually transmitted infections (STIs): HIV-1, HSV-2, HPV


  • BS       Health and Health Care

  • MPH    Epidemiology

  • PhD    Epidemiology


  • Improving Quantitative Research Methods in Gender, Sex and Population Health: Theory, Empirical Evidence, and Development of Applications for Multi-dimensionality and Intersectionality (Principal Investigator, CIHR)
  • Social Exclusion, Erasure, and the Health of Transgender People: Trans PULSE (Principal Investigator, CIHR)
  • Health in Middlesex Men Matters (HiMMM) (Principal Investigator, CIHR)
  • Risk and Resilience among Bisexual People in Ontario: A Community-Based Study of Bisexual Mental Health (Co-Investigator, CIHR)
  • Linking Molecular and Social Cluster Analyses in HIV Transmission: Phase I Project (Co-Principal Investigator, CIHR)


  • Bauer GR, Scheim AI, Deutsch MB, Massarella C. Reported emergency department avoidance, utilization and experiences of transgender persons in Ontario, Canada: Results from a respondent-driven sampling survey. Accepted, Annals of Emergency Medicine.
  • Travers R, Pyne J, Bauer GR, Munro L, Hammond R, Giambrone B, Scanlon K. “Community control” in CBPR: Challenges experienced and questions raised from the Trans PULSE Project.  In press, Action Research.
  • Bauer GR, Pyne J,  Francino MC,  Hammond R.  Suicidality among trans people in Ontario: Implications for social work and social justice / La suicidabilité parmi les personnes trans en Ontario: Implications en travail social et en justice sociale. Revue Service social 2013;59(1):35-62 .
  • Rotondi NK, Bauer GR, Scanlon K, Kaay M, Travers R, Travers A. Non-prescribed hormone use and self-performed surgeries: “Do-it-yourself” transitions in Ontario, Canada’s transgender communities. American Journal of Public Health 2013;103(10):1830-1836.
  • Bauer GR, Redman N, Bradley K, Scheim A. Sexual health of trans men who are gay, bisexual, or who have sex with men: Results from Ontario, Canada. International Journal of Transgenderism 2013;14:66-74.
  • Bauer GR, Brennan DJ. The problem with “behavioral bisexuality”: Assessing sexual orientation in survey research. Journal of Bisexuality 2013;13(2):148-165.
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  • Bauer GR, Hammond R, Travers R, Kaay M, Hohenadel KM, Boyce M.  “I don’t think this is theoretical; this is our lives.” How erasure impacts health care for transgender people.  Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care 2009;20(5):348-361.
  • Bauer GR, Jairam JA. Are lesbians really women who have sex with women (WSW)? Methodological concerns in health research on sexual minority women.  Women & Health 2008;48(4):383-408.
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  • Bauer GR, Welles SL, Colgrove RC, Pitt J, WITS Study Team. Zidovudine resistance phenotype and risk of perinatal HIV-1 transmission in zidovudine monotherapy-treated mothers with moderately advanced disease. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 2003;34(3):312-319.
  • Bauer GR, Welles SL. Beyond assumptions of negligible risk: Sexually transmitted diseases and women who have sex with women. American Journal of Public Health 2001;91(8):1282-1286.

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