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Dan Shrubsole
Professor and Chair, Department of Geography
Ph.D., University of Waterloo
Masters, Wilfrid Laurier University
Undergraduate Degree, Laurentian University (Nipissing College Campus)

Dr. Shrubsole teaches Planning and Management in Environmental Sustainability. He has published many research papers on the institutional aspects of resource management, particularly water resource management in Canada. Canadian perspectives on water management were provided on water management were provided in two other books which he either published or participated in: Eau Canada: The Future of Canada’s Water (2007, edited by K. Bakker), Practicing Sustainable Water Management: Canadian and International Experiences (1997), Canadian Water Management: Visions for Sustainability (1994), and Every Drop Counts (1994), and Ontario Conservation Authorities: Myth and Reality (1992).

He has published journal articles on various aspects of water management. His current research projects pertain to water management in Alberta and Ontario.

In 1995/1996, he was a Visiting Research Fellow with Australia’s Commonwealth Research and Scientific Organization (CSIRO) and participated in research concerning catchment management and environmental management in the sugar cane industry. Prior to the collapse of the USSR, he travelled to Russia as a Canadian delegate for UNESCO at a workshop on Economic Instruments for Pollution Control.

Dr. Shrubsole’s passion for the environment and geography began early in his life, during a field trip to Nottawasaga River to rehabilitate a small portion of the river for fish spawning. From that time forward, his academic interests have been environmental. While a high-school and undergraduate student, his summer jobs at the Nottawasaga and North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authorities further increased his interests in watershed management, an interest he pursues today.

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