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Denis O’Carroll
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ph.D. University of Michigan

Dr. O’Carroll’s work investigates the utility of nanotechnology for contaminated site remediation, the impact of soil surface chemistry on groundwater contamination and remediation and the utility of hot water flooding for remediation. He has ongoing research projects developing nanometals for contaminated site remediation and investigating the fate of carbon based nanoparticles in the environment. He teaches a variety of environmental engineering courses related to water treatment and quality, waste disposal and groundwater resources. He is the co-director of the RESTORE centre (Research for Subsurface Transport and Remediation - at the University of Western Ontario. The RESTORE group has over 20 personnel developing innovative remediation technologies.

Dr. O’Carroll was recently awarded the Province of Ontario 2007 Early Researcher Award for his work in the “Development of Nanomaterials and Hot Water Flooding for Enhanced Groundwater Remediation”. He received an NSERC award to complete a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto.

Prior to completing his Ph.D., Dr. O`Carroll worked as a consultant engineer on a variety of environmental engineering projects and earned his P.Eng.

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