Research Profiles


Irena Creed
Associate Professor
Cross-appointed to the Departments of Geography and Earth Sciences
Acting Director of the Centre for Environment and Sustainability
Canada Research Chair in Watershed Sciences

Dr. Creed’s research involves investigation of the dominant factors regulating energy, water, and nutrient processes and pathways within specific watersheds in a range of forest regions, including the Algoma Highlands of central Ontario and Clayoquot and Barklay Sounds of Vancouver Island. Her research includes field- and laboratory-based monitoring as well as computer-based modelling approaches to develop a predictive understanding of the watershed processes within forests.

Current projections for climate change suggest forest and water resources will become front and centre for Canadian social, economic and environmental decisions. Dr. Creed's research program creates the science, technologies and opportunities that will enable governments, industries and communities to meet their needs while managing forests and their waters in the most sustainable way they can.

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