Research Profiles


P. (Tima) Bansal
Associate Professor, Richard Ivey School of Business
Ph.D. Oxford
UWO Faculty Scholar
MBA '80 Faculty Fellow
Director of the Centre for Building Sustainable Value Executive
Director, Research Network for Business Sustainability

Dr. Bansal is an associate professor at the Richard Ivey School of Business. She is the Director of the Cross-Enterprise Leadership Centre on Building Sustainable Value, Academic Director for the Research Network for Business Sustainability. The aim of both centres is to strengthen the ties between research and practice. In 2008, she was awarded the Aspen’s Institute title of Faculty Pioneer for Academic Leadership and the University Western Ontario’s title of Faculty Scholar.

Her research interests are primarily in the areas of sustainable development and international business. Her research has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, and the Journal of International Business Studies, among others. Her work has also appeared in practitioner journals, such as theAcademy of Management Executive and Long Range Planning. She has co-edited four books, including three in the field of management, and one titled Business and the Natural Environment. Her research has also been cited in the popular press including The Wall Street Journal, The National Post, Globe and Mail and The Independent. She also sits on the editorial board of the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies, and Organizations and Environment.

Professor Bansal teaches at all levels of the business program, including undergraduates, MBAs, PhDs, and executives. She has taught courses in strategy, international business, and business sustainability. In 2002, she was the recipient of the teaching innovation fellowship. She has offered training programs for Eli Lilly and the City of London. In addition, she is the program director for the High Potential Managers Program.

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