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Masters in Environment and Sustainability

Application Period CLOSED - SEPTEMBER 2014 Program
The admission period for the MES program beginning in September 2014 closed March 1, 2014. Admissions for the September 2015 program will begin in October 2014. The MES program is offered on a full-time basis only, beginning each September and finishing the following August. We do not offer part-time study or program start dates in January or May.

Questions answered on this page:

Is It for You?

The MES degree is a dynamic course-based interdisciplinary program designed for students interested in equipping themselves with the skills and experience needed to compete for an entry level position as an environmental professional with a potential for leadership in industry, a non-governmental organization, or a government department. The program is open to students from a variety of academic backgrounds.

Am I eligible?

The MES is an intense, interdisciplinary program that requires exceptional learning abilities and drive. You should have a strong foundation in a discipline, with a keen interest in and a commitment to learning information and approaches from other disciplines and fields. You will need flexibility and willingness to acquire new skills, including new concepts, ideas and principles that define and inform other disciplines. A basic level of skill in writing, numeracy and scientific reasoning is assumed. You also need to have strong leadership skills, creativity and an ability to work cooperatively in teams. Academic excellence is a priority for the program, along with 'real-world' experience, so each application will be considered with these two priorities in mind.

Applicants are required to be in their final year or have completed a four-year baccalaureate degree in any discipline (B.A., B.Sc, B.E.Sc., B.E.S., B.M.Sc for example), from an accredited university and achieved a minimum 78% average in the last two years of study. Applicants with averages below the required 78% (but with at least a 75% average) will be considered if strong evidence of relevant work experience is presented. The average is calculated using all course results from the last two full years of study, equating to 10 full courses or 20 half course credits. Applicants in their final year of undergraduate studies may apply with an incomplete transcript. Offers of Admission based on incomplete transcripts will be contingent upon the delivery and satisfactory assessment of the final transcript.

Need help with calculating your undergraduate average? This tool will be of assistance to prospective students with undergraduate degree transcripts from Canadian universities.

Four Point GPA Conversion Scale (Office of the Registrar)
World Education Service (Grade conversion scales)

What degree will I graduate with?

The MES Program is administered through the Faculty of Science but the Masters in Environment and Sustainability (MES) is an interdisciplinary degree.

Course work and progression

The MES degree is a one-year degree program completed in three terms.The degree is offered on a full-time basis only. Studies commence in September and finish at the end of August of each year. Students will advance through two terms of course work (Fall/Winter) followed by a co-op placement term*. Students must complete their co-op placement term before their degree is earned.

MES Program courses are designed exclusively for MES program students. The program does not include elective courses.

*Note on paid co-op placements: The MES program cannot guarantee summer co-op placements, but will make every effort to assist students in obtaining suitable co-op work term employment. Our goal is 100% placement of all registered MES co-op students. More Information

List of MES Courses

Financial Support and Tuition

Tuition and fees
Tuition is due at the beginning of each of three terms. Tuition (Winter 2014) amounts for the MES Program are accessible through the Office of the Registrar (see links below). If you are considering the program for subsequent years, these rates should only be used as a guide as rates are subject to change from year to year.

Tuition Tables for Winter 2014 (to be used as a GUIDE only for 2014/2015 tuition rate)

Winter 2014 MES Tuition Domestic (Canadian citizens, Landed Immigrants)
Winter 2014 MES Tuition International
Winter 2014 MES Program Specific Fee (see page 3 of 7)

Basic fees include tuition, general university Ancillary Fees and a student bus pass.The Program Specific fee, as listed under the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, is not included in the basic fee calculation, and is assessed separately. Please note, tuition fees are subject to increase from the previous year. For graduate programs such changes are effective September 1st of each year and will be posted above (links) when new amounts are announced (August). For this reason, please use the above fee schedules as guides to estimate tuition fees, only.

Financial Support
Students in the MES Program are not eligible for Graduate Teacher Assistantships (GTA), but may be employed on campus as exam proctors and domestic/PR students may seek off-campus part-time employment (September to April). Since the MES degree is a one-year, interdisciplinary course-based program without a research thesis component, financial support is limited to:

Western Financial Assistance

External Funding Sources

Loans (provincial student loans for domestic and PR students)
OSAP Ontario Scholar Assistance Program

Scholarships (provincial scholarship competition for all applicants)
Ontario Graduate Scholarships

How do I apply for MES Program Admission?

Before you start, please read about Application Procedures, Deadlines and Recommendations

Graduate school applications must be completed on-line. Application to the MES Program occurs in yearly cycles, beginning in the fall preceding the year of entry. At time of application, the candidate will have graduated with an undergraduate degree or be in the last year of undergraduate studies.

Access to the on-line application from this site or the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies site will coincide with the commencement of the application period (begins October 7, 2013).

In addition to the on-line application, candidates are required to provide supporting documentation. All supporting documentation must be provided before an application is considered complete. Submissions of supporting documentation are completed electronically (up-loaded on-line). Applications are not assessed until all requested documentation is submitted by the applicant. Late submissions will not be assessed.

MES Program Application Fee

The MES Program application fee is $100.00 Canadian dollars. Please see the on-line application for payment options. Applications will not be received for assessment until payment has been made.


Ontario Graduate Scholarship Application (OGS) 2014-2015

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