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English 4999E - Undergraduate Thesis

2017-18 Academic Year

English 4999E: Thesis

English 4999E is individual instruction in the selection of a topic, the preparation of materials, and the writing of a thesis. Students who wish to take this course must apply to the Chair of Undergraduate Studies, Department of English and Writing Studies. This course is restricted to students in fourth year of an English Program with a minimum "A" averageAdditional registration in 4000-level English courses require permission of the Department.

It is the responsibility of students who wish to take English 4999E to decide on an area in which they wish to work, to find a professor who is willing to undertake the supervision of the thesis, and then to obtain Special Permission from the Chair of Undergraduate Studies to register for the course. The thesis supervisor should inform the Chair of Undergraduate Studies, in writing, of his or her consent to supervise the thesis and of the subject agreed upon. Permission is normally granted only to fourth-year students having at least an “A” average.

At the end of the year, students are expected to deliver a short presentation on their research during Honors Thesis Day. This will provide the department with an opportunity to celebrate the work of these undergraduate students. As for any other course, a grade of INC (Incomplete) must be approved by the Dean’s Office, for a specific reason supported by documentation.