English & Writing StudiesWestern Arts and Humanities

4000 Level Courses (Seminar)

2014-15 Academic Year

First Term:

4120F syllabus  Works of the Gawain-poet R. Moll
4230F Shakespeare and the Early Modern Book (offered at Huron) Schofield
4420F syllabus Pre-Raphaelites D. Bentley
4440F The Fiction of Jane Austen (offered at Brescia) D. Grace
4740F syllabus One Hundred Years On: Canadian Literature on the First World War (offered at King's) A. Robinet

Second Term:

4040G The Idea of Judaism: Culture, Literature, Theory, 1808-1968 (offered at Huron) C. Bundock
4050G syllabus   Art, Politics, Technology J. Plug
4060G syllabus Human Rights and Testimonial Literatures J. Emberley
4240G syllabus Responding to Death in Early Modern English Literature (offered at Brescia) J. Doelman
4630G PDF download Reading the City: Representations of New York City in American Literature M. Green-Barteet
4830G syllabus Modernist Art and Drama: Attacks on Realism in Word and Image (offered at King's) C. Clausius