Welcome to Undergraduate Studies - English

Through the discussion and engagement with literary text, students develop their cultural competence and acquire the constructive communication skills necessary to enter the workforce with confidence, distinguish themselves in a number of fields and build a meaningful career.


We offer 10 English modules which provide students with ample choice as they work through their program. These choices allow students to follow their own interests and create a program of study which satisfies their own intellectual curiosity.


To complement the modules, our courses focus on narrower themes and issues which better reflect the current state of the field and the research interests of our faculty.

Community-Engaged Learning

Through courses such as The Culture of Leadership I & II and Canadian Literature: Creativity and the Local, students can gain hands-on, practical experience in the community for a deeper understanding of course content.

Generous Scholarships & Awards

Our department offers over 30 scholarships and awards for creative and academic achievements. Full details, eligibility information and application instructions >

Enhance your academic experience

Join the Coterie! The Coterie offers a wide range of activities and services, including social events for English undergraduates; seminars given by Western alumni and other Canadian writers or poets; as well as academic information about and assistance with English courses. In addition, The Coterie seeks to forge a strong bond between faculty and students by increasing the communication between the two parties, which follows with the club's ultimate goal of fostering a positive and exciting learning environment for English students at Western.