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Major in English Language and Literature
As part of an Honors Double Major degree, this module is for students who wish to divide their undergraduate studies equally between two different subjects. This choice is ideal for students who require two “teachable” subjects to enter Teacher’s College, or for those who hope to enter an interdisciplinary graduate program, such as media studies, women’s studies, and theory and criticism. (Students with an Honors Double Major that includes English are typically eligible for graduate programs in English, but the preferred path is the Honors Specialization in English.)

The Honors Double Major with English is an excellent choice for careers that require a competency in more than one field. Someone interested in sports journalism, for example, might do a double major in English and Kinesiology. Or someone hoping for a career as a political analyst might combine English with Political Science.

For students in three or four year non-honors degree programs, the Major in English provides exceptional preparation for careers in a wide variety of fields, from journalism, publishing, and writing, to advertising, communications, and public service.

Admission Requirements:
Completion of first-year requirements, including 1.0 course from English 1020E: Understanding Literature Today or 1022E: Enriched Introduction to English Literature or 1024E: Forms of Fiction: Introduction to Narrative or 1035E: Introduction to Literature: Reading, Interpretation, Argument or 1036E: Forms of Narrative: From Epic to Film or both of English 1027F/G: The Storyteller’s Art I and 1028F/G: The Storyteller’s Art II with a mark of at least 60%. Students will be eligible for an Honors BA with a double major if they obtain a 70% average in the courses of each major module with no mark less than 60% in each course.  No failures on options.

6.0 courses

1.0 course: ENG 2307E: Major British Authors

1.0 course from: ENG 2308E: American Literature Survey, 2309E: Canadian Literature Survey or 2310E: Global Literatures in English Survey.

1.0 course from: ENG 2200F/G: History of Theory and Criticism, ENG 2210F/G: Contemporary Theory and Criticism, ENG 2220F/G: Studies in Narrative Theory, ENG 2230F/G: Studies in Poetics, ENG 2240F/G: Feminist Literary Theory, ENG 2250F/G: Introduction to Cultural Studies.

1.0 course from: ENG 3001: History of the English Language, ENG 3012: Old English Language and Literature, ENG 3115E: Topics in Medieval Language and Literature, ENG 3116E: Middle English Literature, English 3224E: Renaissance Literature, ENG 3226E: Renaissance Drama, ENG 3227E: Shakespeare, 3228F/G: Topics in Renaissance Literature, ENG 3334E: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature, ENG 3336F/G: Topics in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature.

1.0 course from:
ENG 3444E: Nineteenth-Century Literature, ENG 3446F/G: Topics in Nineteenth-Century Literature, ENG 3554E: Twentieth-Century British and Irish Literature, ENG 3556E: Twentieth-Century Drama, ENG 3557F/G: Topics in Twentieth-Century Literature, ENG 3666F/G: American Drama, ENG 3667F/G: Topics in American Literature, ENG 3776F/G: Canadian Drama, ENG 3777F/G: Topics in Canadian Literature, 3882F/G: Topics in Postcolonial Literature, ENG 3889E: Advanced Topics in Cultural Studies, ENG 3891F/G: Topics in Cultural Studies.

1.0 additional English essay course in English at the 2000 level and above.

Note: French or a foreign language is recommended for students intending to apply to graduate schools or professional programs.


Major in Sexuality Studies (In conjunction with Women’s Studies and Feminist Research)
Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary intra-faculty module in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, administered by the Departments of Modern Languages and Literatures, Classical Studies, English, Film Studies, Philosophy, and Visual Arts, with the Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research as the lead unit.

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