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English 1020E ~
Understanding Literature Today

Summer Sessions 2012

Prerequisite: Grade 12U English or permission of the Department.

By studying a broad range of exciting and important works from the past and present, this course will increase your understanding and appreciation not just of the richness and power of the works themselves, but also of the role of literature in reflecting and shaping our perceptions of the world and of ourselves. In discussing the role of literature in the human story, the course will draw upon aspects of sociology, psychology, history, politics, economics, law, and business, as well as painting, music, and the other arts. The themes emphasized on the course will vary from instructor to instructor, but typically they will include the ways in which such matters as spirituality, morality, sexuality, ethnicity, choice, fantasy, leadership, and nature are written into literature. In lectures, tutorials, and essays, students will discuss, debate, and analyze literary works, develop and refine their analytical and writing skills, and discover how an understanding of literature can enrich their academic, personal and professional lives.

You can view/download the syllabus (in PDF format) here:

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English 1020E / 650

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