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There are many services and many counsellors available at departmental, faculty, and university-wide levels. The first person to consult should be the individual instructor(s). The instructor knows the student best, can offer advice on services and resources within the university, has experience in problem areas which may seem unique to the student, and can intercede on the student's behalf when and where necessary.

If a problem involves an area larger than one course, the student should feel free to speak to the Chair of Undergraduate Studies. An interview can be arranged through the Department of English Undergraduate Office, Room 182, University College, telephone: 519 661-2111, extension 85796 or e-mail:

Questions about the prescription for a course, the conduct of a section within a large course, and policies regarding marking, examinations, and term work for a course as a whole may be directed to the Course Chair or to a specific instructor.

Students may also confer with one of the Academic Counsellors for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, in Room 112G, University College, who can provide students with specific information about academic admission and progression when the student has not met normal requirements and prerequisites. If students have a problem which may prevent normal progression en route to a degree, they are encouraged to consult the Office of the Dean.

Western University provides students with a wide variety of resources--Counsellors, Student Employment Services, International Student Services, Services for Students with Disabilities, First Nations Services, Chaplains' Services, and Health Services (including mental health). There is also a Career Resource Center with a wide range of calendars and brochures from other universities.

The Registrarial Services (Office of the Registrar) [Distance Studies in Western Student Services room 1120] can provide advice and information on mediated learning courses: correspondence and online.

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