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The Victorian Reading Group

The Victorian Reading Group at UWO offers Graduate Students and Faculty opportunities to come together in an environment of informal discussion and community in order to share research interests, to read and discuss various Victorian genres (from categories in visual culture to poetry, from periodicals to literary criticism), and to provide a forum for input and feedback egarding fellow colleagues’ presented ideas and work. The primary (though not exclusive) goal of the VRG is to enjoy and critique the various literary creations, products, and developments occurring both during the Victorian period and in its cultural and theoretical after-lives within the 20th and 21st centuries. In other words, the VRG serves to provide a setting in which fellow scholars and Victorian enthusiasts can examine the areas that interest them in a manner that is critically engaged with questions concerning what constitutes and shapes Victorian Studies—in its past, present, and potential futures.

The VRG is open to approaching the Victorian period, its philosophies, cultural exchanges, and historical narratives, through various perspectives and hopes to facilitate rigorous and interesting, interdisciplinary conversations and connections. Types of Planned Activities Include:

For more information, please contact Rebekah Lamb or Prof. Matthew Rowlinson

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