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The New Variorum Shakespeare

Paul Werstine was appointed co-general editor of The New Variorum Shakespeare edition by the Modern Language Association of America in 1997. The other general editor is Richard Knowles of University of Wisconsin--Madison. Together they are responsible for guiding the research and writing of over fifty scholars from the US, Europe, and Canada at work on volumes of the series. Many of these scholars have been engaged with their contributions across their entire careers. Werstine's own volume for the series is Romeo and Juliet, to which he has devoted much of the last twenty-five years. Each volume in the edition attempts to capture the entire reception history of a particular Shakespeare play, everything that has been said about the text and the meanings that can be made of it, every major editor's version of this text, the sources for the play, its history of production on the stage and the alterations made to its text for these productions. The most exciting current developments in this edition involve its electronic presentation, and the innovations are the work of Dr. Alan Galey, a graduate of the PhD program at Western.

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