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The Canadianist Research Group




Readings Schedule

May 2006

May 29: J.M. Kertzer: “Introduction” to Worrying the Nation


June 2006

June 06: Al Purdy: selection of poems; and Mark Silverberg: “The Can(on)adianization of Al Purdy”

June 13: P.K. Page: Hand Luggage .

June 20: Russell Smith: Muriella Pent

“Interview with Russell Smith” in The New Quarterly .

June 27: Colleen Wagner: The Monument


July 2006

July 4: Stephen Henighan: “Vulgarity on Bloor: Literary Institutions from CanLit to TorLit” in When Words Deny the World: The Reshaping of Canadian Writing

July 11: Imre Szeman: “The Persistence of the Nation” in Zones of Instability: Literature, Postcolonialism, and the Nation

Stephen Henighan: “They can't be about things here” in When Words Deny the World: The Reshaping of Canadian Writing

July 18: Sheila Heti: Ticknor

July 25. Dionne Brand: Land to Light on


August 2006

August 01: Cynthia Sugars: “Introduction” to Unhomely States

August 08: Rinaldo Walcott: Essay in Unhomely States

August 15: Dennis Lee: “Cadence, Country, Silence”

August 22: Thomas King: “One Good Story That One,” and “Godzilla vs. the Postcolonial”


September 2006

September 19: D.C. Scott: “Onondaga Madonna”

September 26: Alice Munro: Lives of Girls and Women


October 2006: A Month of Short Stories

October 03: Diane Schoemperlen: “How to Write a Story about Love”; “A Matter of Perspective”; “Count Your Blessings”

October 10: Andre Alexis: “Five Stories of Ottawa ” and “My Anabasis”

October 17: Nancy Lee, Evelyn Lau, Robyn Sarah: “Unlit Water” from Promise of Shelter .

October 24: Rohinton Mistry, Lisa Moore: a selection of stories

October 31: James De Mille A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder


November 2006: Texts from Canadian Qualifying exam list

November 07: Martha Ostenso: Wild Geese

November 14: Emily Carr: Klee Wyck

November 21: Archibald Lampman: Story of an Affinity

November 28: Margaret Laurence: The Diviners (part 1)


December 2006: Qualifying exam list continued

December 05: Margaret Laurence: The Diviners (part 2)

December 12: Conference paper by Brooke Pratt: “'Our arbiter of the aesthetic': Russell Smith's Noise and the Direction of Contemporary Fiction in Canada ”


January 2007: Qualifying exam list continued

January 11: Robert Kroetsch: Seed Catalogue

January 18: Linda Hutcheon: “Introduction” and “Historiographic Metafiction” from The Canadian Postmodern

January 25: Oliver Goldsmith: The Rising Village ; discussion of Canadian Qualifying Exam List, advice to exam writers, etc.


February 2007

February 01: Mock orals

February 08: Discussion of Marlene NourbeSe Philip's “Zong!”, led by Dr. Lily Cho .

February 15: Workshop on Public Speaking, led by Aaron Schneider

February 22: Nancy Huston: Losing North/Nord Perdu


March 2007: Discussion Series

March 07 *(Wed 3pm ): Discussion of “Introduction” to Daniel Coleman 's White Civility, led by Dr. Pauline Wakeham .

March 15: Discussion of TBA, led by Dr. Julia Emberly .

March 21: Poetry Reading by Roy Miki .

March 22: "Between the Covers: Publishing in the Canadian field," Dr. D.M.R. Bentley

March 29: Conference paper on Confederation poets, by Aaron Schneider


June 2007: Summer Reading

June 07: Kit Dobson: TransCanada paper, 2005

June 14: Michael Ondaatje: Divisadero

June 21: Dionne Brand: What We All Long For

June 28: Anita Rau Badami: Tamarind Mem


July 2007: Summer Reading

July 05: Anita Rau Badami: Tamarind Mem

July 12: Irving Layton: “The Cold Green Element,” “Whatever Else Poetry is Freedom,” and “Misunderstanding”

July 19: Fred Wah: Diamond Grill

July 26: bpNichol: The Martyrology, Bk 5


August 2007: Hubert Aquin

August 02: Hubert Aquin: Prochain episode

August 16: Gordon Sheppard: Ha! A Self-Murder Mystery

August 23: Gordon Sheppard: Ha! A Self-Murder Mystery

August 30: bpNichol: The Martyrology, Bk 5


September 2007: Ecriture féminin / Women & Words

with the UWO feminist reading group

September 06: Daphne Marlatt: (traduction par Nicole Brossard); “Translating Mauve” in Readings from the Labyrinth, Daphne Marlatt

September 13: Nicole Brossard: “Mauve” or/ou “Mauve” (English translation by Daphne Marlatt); essay from Susan Knutson's Narrative in the Feminine: Daphne Marlatt and Nicole Brossard .

September 20: Anne Hébert: Le Torrent or/ou The Torrent

September 27: Alice Munro: Runaway

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