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Bryce Traister


Associate Professor,
Chair, Department of English
Director of Undergraduate Studies, American Studies Centre

BA, Magna cum Laude, U.C. Berkeley, 1991
PhD, English, U.C. Berkeley

Arts & Humanities  Building 2G02F
519 661-2111 ext. 85788

Office Hours: 
By appointment. Please email Anne McFarland or call her at ext. 85790.

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I am currently finishing a book on early American religious culture entitled Female Piety and the Invention of American Puritanism. I also have articles in various stages of preparation: the first on transnationalism and American idealism, and the second on Herman Melville’s Benito Cereno and secularism. I am gathering myself to begin a new study: That National Feeling: Affect, Nation, and American Studies.

Photo Credit: Adela Talbot, Western News