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Committees of the Department of English, 2013-14

Committees Established by the Collective Agreement

Appointments Committee
B. Traister, Chair
J. Faflak
J. Leonard
K. Stanley
P. Wakeham
Gradaute Student: R. McDonald

Annual Performance Evaluation Committee
B. Traister, Chair
S. Adams
A. Lee
M. McDayter
J. Schuster

M.H. McMurran
M. Rowlinson

Limited-Duties Member with Standing Appointment: 
J. Johnston

Promotion and Tenure Committee

M. Milde, Dean of A&H and Chair of Committee
B. Traister, Chair of English
D. Bentley (to 2014)
J. Leonard (to 2015)
J. Toswell (to 2016)

Committees Established by the Department

Committee on Graduate Studies
S. Bruhm, Chair of CGS (to 2014)
J. Faflak (to 2014)
T. Phu (to 2014)
D. Pennee (to 2015)
A. Pero (to 2015)
P. Wakeham, Graduate Development and Placement Coordinator (observer) (to 2014)
J. Emberley, Chair of CUS (observer)
GES Co-Chairs: D. Monteith and D. Samu-Visser

Committee on Undergraduate Studies

J. Emberley, Chair of CUS (to 2015)
M. Bassnett (to 2014)
A. McTaggart (to 2014)
T. Osinubi (to 2014)
G. Ceraldi (to 2015)
A. Conway (to 2015)
Undergraduate students: TBA (Coterie President or Coterie Vice-President)

Committee on Drama
J. Devereux (to 2015)
J. Purkis (to 2014)
A. Pero (to 2014)

Nominations Committee

M.H.McMurran (to 2015)
J. Plug (to 2014)
J.Schuster (to 2014)

Committee on Equity

J. Boulter (to 2014)
J. Kelly (to 2015)
A. McTaggart (to 2015)
D. Pennee (to 2014)

Committee on Visiting Speakers Series

J. Faflak (to 2014)
T. Osinubi (to 2015)
M. Rowlinson (to 2015)
K. Stanley (to 2014)
Graduate Student: D. Shank

Steering Committee
B. Traister, Chair
T. Phu, Vice-Chair
J. Emberley (Chair, CUS)
S. Bruhm (Chair, CGS)
P. Wakeham (GDPC)
Full-time faculty (to 2014):
D. Bentley
C. Keep
J. Purkis
Limited-Duties faculty (to 2014):
M. Hartley
Gradaute student:
D. Calabrese
Undergraduate student:
TBA (Coterie President or Coterie Vice-President)

Awards and Distinctions Committee (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)
J. Toswell (to 2014)

UWOFA Union Representatives (to 2014)
D. Pennee – Full-Time
J. Johnston - Limited-Duties Member

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