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The following is a list of graduate students in the Department of English who have expressed an interest in providing private tutoring and/or editing services. The Department posts this list without commenting on the qualifications or on the quality of persons named herein and assumes no liability related to tutoring/editing services. Individual rates charged may range anywhere from $10-40 per hour.

Name Areas of Specialization Contact Information
Meghan Adams Proof-reading and Editing; Essay-writing Techniques; Twentieth Century Literature; Critical Theory
John Allaster Proof-reading and Editing; Essay-writing Techniques; Poetics, Modernism, Renaissance Poetry & Drama.
Gord Barentsen Nineteenth-Century English Literature (Romanticism), Theory and Criticism
Madison Bettle Victorian, Nineteenth Century, Postcolonial; General: Social Sciences and Humanities; General Editing 226-926-0867
Kaelyn Crossland-Smith General proof-reading and editing, writing skills, ESL, Middle English Literature, Early Modern Literature, 20th Century British and Irish Literature, Women's Literature, Gender Studies, Poetry, and Scientific/Mathematical Reports (as I have a BA in Math)
Fatima Ebrahim Renaissance Drama and non-dramatic texts; general English
Taylor Kraayenbrink Canadian Literature, American Literature, British Modernist Literature, Victorian Literature, Restoration and 18th Century, Shakespeare, Literary Theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Proofreading and editing. or
Rebekah Lamb 19th and 20th C British and Irish Literature; editing papers of any other period: i.e. Medieval, Early Modernism, Restoration, Post-Colonial etc. Also editing papers and projects in other disciplines: i.e. Sociology, Psychology, Musicology, Science etc., and editing letters of intent, scholarship proposals, ESL essays, and high school papers
Erica Leighton Medieval language and literature, History and Structure of the English language, general literature and literary analysis, essay writing techniques, editing/proofreading services.
Christine Penhale Editing and writing/English tutoring
Alicia Robinet Canadian literature, Postcolonial literature, high school English and History, general editing
Kirin Rogers General proof-reading and editing, writing skills, ESL, Old and Middle English literature and language, and the history of the English language.
Shazia Sadaf Post colonial; Victorian literature & language; World literature in English; Literary theory. (Editing/proof reading)
Diana Samu-Visser Proofreading and editing, essay-writing and research techniques, general literature and literary analyses, and literary theory and criticism.
Megan Selinger General proof-reading and editing, writing skills, and research techniques. Specialized in Shakespearean studies, theatre studies, and 19th Century literature (Romanticism and Victorian literature).
Nidhi Shrivastava Postcolonial theory, Feminist Theory, Shakespeare studies, Proofreading, Editing, Writing Advice,, or 519-697-6418
Kate Traill General Essay Writing, Editing and Writing Tutor (high school and undergraduate); GRE/LSAT; Translation (French/English); Business/Professional Writing (including proposals, statements of interest and scholarship applications)
Eileen Wennekers American Literature, Visual Culture, Popular Culture, Psychoanalytic Theory, Modernism and Modernity, Literary Theory and Criticism, Poetics, Analysis and Argumentation (Essay Writing)
Anne Young General essay writing; editing and proofreading; theory and criticism; 19th century literature.



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