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ENGLISH 9092 ~
Africa, Slavery and Narrative Form

Professor Taiwo Adetunji Osinubi
Summer 2013, Full Course.

This course is set to meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from May 14 to July 8. The seminars will run each day from 10-12 and 2-4. There will be a two-hour break between two-hour seminars.**Course will be held in UC 282.

Although the bicentennial of the abolition of the Atlantic slave trade has revivified interest in the legacies of plantation slavery and the Atlantic slave trade, the place of Africa and African literatures within this renewed consideration remains ambiguous. This seminar will examine this ambiguity by exploring the relationships between African representations of slavery and functions of Africa in narratives about the legacies of Atlantic slavery from the diaspora. Emerging scholarship on slavery in African literatures and film has been animated by calls to undo the silence around slavery. This seminar moves away from the rhetoric of silence or occlusion to explore continental African trajectories of engaging with slavery as well as the complementarities between representations of slavery in African, African American and Caribbean literatures. Through an examination of literature, film, and scholarship, students will assess how events in Africa crystallize the various forms of attachment that animate representations of slavery.

View the syllabus here: English 9092.

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