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Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Arts & Humanities


BA; Otago University; 1967
MA, Otago University; 1968
PhD; University of Toronto, 1975

UC 276
519 661-2111 ext. 85782

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Research Interests

My research activities centre upon medieval topics, including the Icelandic sagas; skaldic poetry; ancestral beliefs and Christian conversion in Scandinavia; culture contacts between Scandinavians and the British Isles, Atlantic islands, Francia, and East Slavia; documentary history of Scandinavia and Anglo-Saxon England; Old
English poetry and religious literature; Old, Middle, and Early Modern English poetic composition; medieval cultivation of personal poetry and subjectivity; and the history of modern scholarship on medieval topics. I have also taught and published on aspects of Victorian fiction, New Zealand literature, and technical writing.


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