by John Strachan

Edited by Wanda Campbell


Introductory Material
  The Present Text
  Works Cited in the Introduction and Editorial Notes

  The Poems
  - An Elegy
- To learn and play of old...
- A Task Impos'd by M.E.
- The Day
- A Dialogue
- Verses written August 1802
- Dear Sir
- For Laura's Birthday
- An Ode to Mr. Elmsley
- Miss Mary England's Birthday
- A Song for St. Andrew's Day
- Scotch Composed April 1800
- Philo and Laura
- To Mrs. Cartwright
- Ode
- Ode to Dr. Brown
- A Sonnet to the Prospect of Going to Cornwall
- A Robin once too fond of change...
- On finding that a Lady had deceived her lover
- Ode to the Right Reverend Jacob Mountain
- The Pedant King, by Jones inspir'd...
- To General Wolfe
- A Letter of Recommendation to Servants
- Now the Victor wears a crown...
- A Hymn
- On Andrew Stuart's Name
- To Mr. Wood
- To Mr. Blackwood on his Marriage
- To Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright
- A Song Translated from the Gaelic...
- How blest beyond the powers above...
- A song adapted to the Tune "Logie O Buchan"
- Miles Macdonell
- A Song for the Curling Club
- A Song March 24, 1807
- A Song
- A Song for Mrs. McGill
- My Fancy, oft roving across the wide main...
- Ode on the Birth of my First Child
- To Mrs. Strachan on her Birth Day
- Recollections at Sixty-Five
- Cold was the blast and deep the snow...
- Verses Addressed to Mr. Jackson
- A Song sent to Mr. Blackwood
- The Missionary
- Preface for Miss Lunn's Album
- How bright the star...
- For Mrs. Munro's Album
- The Husband to His Wife
- Love Not the World: a Sonnet
- David's Lamentation for Saul and Jonathan
  Editorial Notes
    Editorial Notes
  Appendix A: The Second Satyre of Juvenal Imitated May 1801
    Appendix B: To Mr. Strachan by Mr. Cl. Bayley