The Huron Chief, and Other Poems

by Adam Kidd




Give to the Lord! O ye sons of the mighty!
    All glory and strength which unto him belong—
Let heart-glowing cheerfulness warmly incite ye
    To wake with enchantment your heavenly song.

The voice of the Lord echoes loud o’er the waters,
    And oft times in thunder it bursts through the air—
The voice of Jehovah delights Sion’s daughters,
    And sweetly his praises they love to declare. [Page 148]

The voice of the Lord splits the cedars asunder,
    Which raise their proud heads on fair Lebanon’s hill—
He makes them to skip like a calf with his thunder,
    And the rage of the wild flame is hushed at his will.

His presence the desert of Kadesh makes tremble,
    The hinds of the wilderness bring forth their young;
The oak’s sturdy strength is to him as the bramble,
    While breezes play lightly its foliage among.

The Lord on the floods sitteth monarch forever,
    His power or glory can never decrease—
His strength from his people no mortal can sever,
    He’ll crown them forever with blessings of peace. [Page 149]