Canadian Poetry Credits:

     D.M.R. Bentley

Editorial Advisory Board
Sandra Djwa,Simon Fraser University
     L.R. Early, York University
     Patricia Fleming, University of Toronto
     Wynne Francis, Concortia University
     Linda Hutcheon, University of Toronto
     David Jacket, University of Alberta
     Manina Jones, University of Waterloo
     W.J. Keith, University of Toronto
     J.M. Kertzer, University of Calgary
     Lorraine McMullen, University of Ottawa
     M.G. Parks, Halifax
     Malcolm Ross, Dalhousie University
     Peter Stevens, University of Windsor
     Brian Treheame, McGill University
     Thomas B. tomcat, Royal Military Cod
     Tracy Ware, Bishop's University i?~
     J.M. Zezulka, University of Westem Ontario

General Manager
     Susan Bentley

Circulation Manager
     Beth McIntosh

Editorial Assistant
     Eleanor Surridge

CANADIAN POETRY: STUDIES, DOCUMENTS, REVIEWS is a refereed Journal devoted to the study of poetry from all periods in Canada. It is published twice yearly, in the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

     Submissions may follow either the "old" or the "new" MLA style, and should
be submitted in duplicate and accompanied by a stamped, addressed envelope.

    Canadian Poetry is indexed in the MLA Bibliography, the American Humanities Index, the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, the Canadian Periodical Index, and the Canadian Literature Index, and it is included in Ulrich's International Periodical Directory, Abstracts of English Studies, and The Year's Work in English Studies.

     The subscription rate is $15.00 per year and pro rata for individuals; $18.00 for libraries. Cheques should be made payable to CANADIAN POETRY.

     Please address all correspondence -- submissions, subscriptions,
etc. --  to:
                CANADIAN POETRY,
                Department of English,
                University of Western Ontario,
                London, Ontario. N6A 3K7

The publication of this issue has been made possible by grants from the Ontario Arts Council and the Faculty of Arts, the University of Western Ontario.

     ISSN 0704-5646
     Design: Loris Lesynski and Gerard Stafleu

CANADIAN POETRY is printed and bound by the Department of Graphic Sevices, University of Western Ontario.


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