Letter 9

P.O. Dept. Ottawa      
8 May. 1890                

Dear Mr. Lighthall,

     By all means; I shall be delighted to have you, and to make you as comfortable as we can.  Please let me know when you will be here; I mean to say, by what train.

     The bad weather seems to be breaking this morning; at last we have a clear sky and perhaps by the time you come summer will have got a fair footing.

     Remember me please to Mr. & Mrs. Lighthall1 and your brother & sister.

Yours very sincerely,    
A. Lampman                 

  1. They were William Francis Schuyler Lighthall (1827-1920), notary public and dean of his profession in Montreal, and Margaret Wright (McIntyre) Lighthall.[back]