Letter 6

P.O. Dept, Ottawa      
30 Jan. 1890                

My dear Mr. Lighthall,

     I am afraid I shall not be able to get down to Montreal just now.  Our Departmental work is heavy at this Session season, and I have been absence from duty for some days on account of "grippe."1   I do not think I could venture to ask even three or four days leave for some time to come; but I shall be glad indeed to accept your kind invitation for sometime in the Spring.  I have never been in Montreal, and should like exceedingly to see the city as well as yourself.

Yours very sincerely    
A. Lampman                

  1. Lampman's health was always precarious, see Lynn, An Annotated Edition of the Correspondence between Archibald Lampman and Edward William Thomson (1890-1898), xlvi.[back]