Letter 5

P.O. Dept, Ottawa      
6 Aug. '89                    

Dear Mr. Lighthall

     I do not know whether you are much interested in musical matters or whether like myself you know little about them.  I have however at present a special reason for wishing to know whether Montreal would be a fair field for a brilliant canadian piannist & able teacher.  I thought that perhaps you might give me some information on the point.

     My sister, Miss Annie Lampman1, has been studying for the past two years at Leipzig in Germany under Herr Martin Krause, a distinguished composer & critic, the best reputed successor of Lizst as a trainer of piannists.  My sister is very brilliant2 and has achieved all that it is possible for a woman not of great physical strength to do.

     She intends returning to Canada in September or October, and it would be my own desire that she should establish herself in Montreal if there is a sufficient field for her talent.

     I would be very much much obliged to you if you would write me a few lines giving me a general idea of what promise there might be; ie.  of course if you are at all acquainted with the musical world.

Yours sincerely             
A. Lampman                

  1. Lampman had three sisters, Sarah Isabelle [Belle], Annie Margaret, and Caroline [Bébé]. [back]

  2. That Annie Lampman had talent as a pianist is suggested in a letter Lampman wrote to his wife on 10 September 1889 in which he says: "Belle [Sarah Isabelle Lampman] had a letter from Mother yesterday in which it is stated on account of Her Koausse's [error in transcrip tion?] concerts, at which Annie is engaged to play, they will not start for home until the 21st.  That will bring them here about the 5th of October.  They are thinking now of going to Montreal" (Sommers, "Lampman Letters at SFU", 65). [back]