Letter 18

P.O. Dept., Ottawa,       
7 Nov. 1898                  

Dear Lighthall,

     I was obliged to give up my plan of staying in Montreal on my return.1  I found myself so much benefited by my sojourn at Digby in Nova Scotia, that I remained there later than I had at first intended, consequently I had no time at the end, and had to come straight home and get to work.2

     I am very much obliged to you for your kind invitation, which I hope I may avail myself of some other season.

     I am preparing to issue another little volume3 — probably some time before spring — and when it is out I shall have pleasure in sending you a copy.

     My best regards to your wife and family.

Yours most sincerely      
A. Lampman                  

  1. Lampman had passed through Montreal on the return leg of an extended holiday trip which had been underwritten by his friends, and which had taken him, via Montreal and the St. Maurice river, Lake Wayagamack and the Saguenay, and visits with Tait McKenzie and William Henry Drummond, as far as Digby in Nova Scotia and Boston. He had not been well since the early part of that year.  In March and April of 1898, both Duncan Campbell Scott and William Dawson Lesueur had written to Lighthall outlining a plan that they had hatched to underwrite the expenses of a holiday and rest for Lampman.  In LeSueur's own words: "You have likely heard that our friend Mr. Lampman is laid up with a very serious illness.  The trouble is heart disease in, I regret to say, a dangerously advanced form. It is very hard to understand how he was able to go about for so long with his heart in its present badly dilated condition . . . . His doctor wants him, as soon as the weather gets really warm, to go to some healthy retreat in the country . . . Some of his more intimate friends here know that it would be difficult for him in the present state of his finances to comply with the Dr's prescription; and they have taken in hand the raising of a small fund (LeSueur to Lighthall, 6 April 1898; W.D. Lighthall Papers). [back]

  2. Lampman had been travelling from about the middle of July of 1898.  He was back in his office by mid-October, but fell terminally ill soon after his return to work. [back]

  3. Alcyone was [published?] on 10 March 1899, a month to the day after Lampman's death on 10 February 1899.  Twelve copies were prepared by the printers in Edinburgh as a gesture of condolence towards the bereaved family. Duncan Campbell Scott, in a dedicatory note written in the copy of Alcyone which he presented to Lorne Pierce in 1924 and which is now in the collection of Queen's University, recalled the following: "When Archibald Lampman died I cancelled the printing order for this book, reference to which you will find on p. xxi of the Memorial Edition.  At the same time I asked Constable to print twelve copies; this copy is one of the twelve.  James Ogilvy shown on the title page as publisher was a bookseller in Ottawa at that time" (Ottawa, June 25, 1924).[back]

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