Letter 17

P.O. Dept., Ottawa,       
7 June 1895                   

My dear Lighthall,

     I am much obliged to you for your kind words and for the poems,1 which I have read with pleasure.  They are full of sincerity and humanity — two rare qualities.  I am glad to see that you do not succumb to the Law.  I hope that you may succeed in doing something satisfactory with your novel2 which was certainly a heroic undertaking for one burdened as you must be with business and business cares.

     Give my best regards to Mrs. Lighthall.

Yours most sincerely      
A. Lampman                  

  1. The reference here is probably to Lighthall's Thoughts, Moods and Ideals (Montreal, 1887) to which a supplement was published in 1895.[back]

  2. Lighthall had published The Young Seigneur in 1888; and The False Chevalier would appear in 1898.[back]