Letter 13

P.O. Department       
13 Aug. 1890           

Dear Mr. Lighthall,

     We had no chance to have anything like a talk on Saturday, for which I am sorry.  My travelling companions had arranged things so that my time was altogether taken up; but I hope I may see you soon again here or in Montreal.

     My most particular reason for writing this letter is that I noticed on Saturday that you were not looking well.  You ought to take a holiday.   You must have been working too hard.  The people around one do not notice these things as quickly as a stranger, and one is often hardly conscious after a long season's labor how much one is in need of a rest and a little change.

     We are much obliged to you for your courtesy to us during the short time you were with us on Saturday.  Please give my best regards to Mr. & Mrs. Lighthall, and your brother and sister.

Yours very Sincerely 
A. Lampman