Letter 10

P.O. Dept,                 
Ottawa, 16/5/90        

Dear Mr. Lighthall

     It will be perfectly convenient for us to have you for two day, or as many day as you can stay.  I hope that you will not limit it to two, for I shall look forward to your visit with a great deal of pleasure.

     I might make excuses for the rather cramped accommodation I shall be obliged to afford you, but I judge that you are a man who will not be much put out by that.1  I shall look for you on the 26th.

Yours most sincerely  
A. Lampman               

  1. In 1890 the Lampmans were living at 381 Stewart Street, adjacent to [and probably part of] the home of Dr. Edward Playter, Lampman's father-in-law, who lived at 383 Stewart Street.  Lampman's mother and his sister Annie were away in Leipzig where Annie was studying music.  Lampman's father, Archibald Sr. and two sisters, Isabelle and Caroline, resided with the family as well.[back]