Canadian Poetry

No. 20, Spring/Summer, 1987


To the Members of the Editorial Advisory Board

Tenth Anniversary Thanks
by D.M.R. Bentley
Canadian Poetry After Auschwitz
by Michael Greenstein
The Self-Completing Tree: Livesay's African Poetry
by Fiona Sparrow
The Dream of Self: Perception and Consciousness in Dewdney's Poetry
by Allan Hepburn
"Healing Itself the Moment it is Condemned": Cohen's Death of a Lady's Man
by Ken Norris
Method in Bowering's Allophanes
by Don Precosky
"Let me Begin Again": Women and Storytelling in the Poetry of Paulette Jiles
by Susan J. Schenk
Death and the Long Poem: E.F. Dyck's The Mossbank Canon
by Alexandre L. Amprimoz
Introduction to E.W. Thomson's Review of Among the Millet
E.W. Thomson's Review of Among the Millet
by Eric Ball
Maps of Misreading: Literary Theory and "The New Canadian Criticism Series"
by David Clark
The Sum of an Infinite Series
by Alice Van Wart
A Narrative Bibliography of Canadian Criticism
by Allan Mortifee
The Year's Work in Canadian Poetry Studies: 1986
by Mary Ann Jameson




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