Canadian Poetry

No. 14, Spring/Summer, 1984

Preface: Minor Poets of a Superior Order    
by D.M.R. Bentley
Canadian Post-Romanticism: the Context of Late Nineteenth-Century Canadian Poetry
by Les McLeod
The Integrity of Carman's Low Tide on Grade Pré
by Tracy Ware
The Bitter-Sweet Rose: the Conception of Woman in Roberts' The Book of the Rose
by Glennis Stephenson
Scott's "Night Hymns on Lake Nipigon": "Matins" in the Northern Midnight
by R.S. Kilpatrick
Kennerley on Carman
by H. Pearson Gundy
A Chronology of Lampman's Poems
by L.R. Early
Poets of the Confederation: Current Approaches
by W.J. Keith
The Year's Work in Canadian Poetry Studies: 1983
by Mary Ann Jameson

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