95 Columbia Ave.     
Westmount, Que.       
Aug. 11, 1928.          

Dear Mr. Knister:

      Congratulations on your Canadian Short Stories.1 The introduction is excellent, and the whole book -- though I have only yet read in it -- seems interesting. Is it too much to hope that it may be one of the heralds of the renascence that seems just over the edge of the horizon.

     I am returning to Scotland on August 24th and if you can manage it would be glad to have a line from you before then. Is there any immediate chance of getting a commission from Macmillans to do a canadian poetry anthology? Mrs. Livesay, I hear is preparing one.2 Kennedy seems quite intent on bringing out the Mercury, but I doubt if it can last.3

     I am going to the country,4 but if you expect to be in Montreal -- as I think Schwartz5 told me is possible -- I would come in.

Yours sincerely,          

A.J.M. SMITH            

P.S. Graeme Taylor, who wrote some stuff for the Fortnightly is having some stories in Transition -- one, I think, in the June number.6

VIII ALS McMaster Collection. also ts. copy by Imogen Givens. I refer here to the first as received by Knister.

  1. Canadian Short Stories (Toronto: Macmillan, August 1928) 340 pp.[back]

  2. Mrs. Livesay (Florence Randall Livesay) mother of Dorothy Livesay.[back]

  3. The Canadian Mercury was short-lived from 1928-29.[back]

  4. the country: possibly Magog, Eastern Townships.[back]

  5. Leo Schwartz[back]

  6. Taylor published "Deaf-Mute" a short story in Transition, No. 13 (Summer 1928), pp. 172-73. He published in This Quarter what was described as his first appearance as a writer: "Extract I." This Quarter, No. 4 (Spring 1929), pp. 171-86 and "Extract II." pp. 186-92. He was twenty-three years of age and resided in France. (John Glassco published "Extractfrom an Autobiography" in thisissue, pp. 198-210.) In a review of Strange Fugitive for This Quarter Ethel Moorhead wrote: "Scribner's will do well to keep their eyes on other young authors appearing in this [issue of This Quarter]: two more young Canadians: --  Graeme Taylor and John Glassco…"[back]