Canadian Poetry

No. 9, Fall/Winter, 1981

Purging the Fearful Ghosts of Separateness: A Study of Earle Birney's Revisions   
by Laurence Steven
Reconstructing The Victorian House: Philip Child's Hermeneutic
by Elizabeth Bieman
A Northern Pantheism: Notes on the Confederation Poets and Contemporary Mythographers
by Maia Bhojwani
A Reading of Joseph Howe's Acadia
by S.G. Zenchuk
Raymond Souster's Letters to Charles Olson
by Bruce Whiteman
James De Mille's "Phi Beta Kappa Poem"
by Patricia Monk
A Select Checklist in Progress
by D.G. Lochhead
The Lampman-Thomson Correspondence
by D.M.R. Bentley
By Grace, of Atwood
by D.G. Jones

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