A New Dimension: Notes on the Ecology of Canadian Poetry
by D. M. R. Bentley

sun/ Son light/ Light: Avison's elemental Sunblue
by Ernest H. Redekop

Proofing the World: The Poems of David McFadden
By George Bowering

The Rising Village, The Emigrant and Malcolm's Katie:
The Vanity of Progress
By K. P. Stich


"Style" by Archibald Lampman
Edited and Introduced by Sue Mothersill

A Source for Pratt's Truant?
By Brian Treahearne

Elizabeth Bishop, 1911-1979
By David Staines


The Challenge of Duncan Campbell Scott
By W.J. Keith

Columns and Controversies Among the Confederation Poets
By D. M. R. Bentley

Building Jerusalem Here
By Ross Woodman