Canadian Poetry

No. 6, Spring/Summer, 1980

The Life and Poetry of Hyman Edelstein
by Esther Safer Fisher
Point Blank: Narrative in Michael Ondaatje's the man with seven toes
by Sam Solecki
James Reaney, 'Scrutumnus' and the Critics: An Individual Response
by W.J. Keith
Oliver Goldsmith's The Rising Village: Controlling Nature
by Gerald Lynch
Prelude to Poetry: Lampman and the Rouge et Noir
by George Wicken
New Facts and Old Fictions: Some Notes on Patrick Anderson, 1945 and En Masse
by Michael Gnarowski
The "Canadian Boat-Song": A Mosaic
Compiled by D.M.R. Bentley

I. The Text

II. The Authorship of the "Canadian Boat-Song": A Bibliographical Note

by Linda Dowler
III. John Galt and "The Lone Shieling"
by Elizabeth Waterston
IV. Tiger Dunlop and the "Canadian Boat-Song"
by Gary Draper
Sounding the New Poetry
by J.M. Zezulka
Ondaatje's Long Poem Anthology
by Leon Surette
The Year's Work in Canadian Poetry Studies: 1979
Compiled by Linda Dowler and Mary Ann Jameson




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