Canadian Poetry

No. 2, Spring/Summer, 1978

Margaret Atwood's The Journals of Susanna Moodie
by R.P. Bilan
D.C. Scott: The Dating of the Poems
by Robert L. McDougall
Isabella Valancy Crawford's "Gisli the Chieftain"
by Catherine Sheldrick Ross
Notes on Duncan Campbell Scott's "Lines in Memory of Edmund Morris"
by Leon Slomin
Wrestling with Nowlan's Angel
by Elizabeth Bieman
The World for a Country: An Edited Interview with Frank Scott
Conducted by Vincent Tovell in 1971
George Webber's The Last Aborigines
Introduced by E.J. Devereux
Three Recent Editions of Lampman
by W.J. Keith
The Lack of Ghosts: A Review of Recent Criticism on Pre-Confederation Literature
by Charles R. Steele
Two Years' Work in Canadian Poetry Studies: 1976-1977
Compiled by Linda Dowler




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