Poetical Tragedies

Morning: A Tragedy in Five Acts.

by William Wilfred Campbell




LEONATUS, a noble-minded citizen and merchant of Avos.


VULPINUS, a clever and scheming citizen, who is envious of Leonatus and would supplant him.


PROTINUS, the chief of the nobility of the city, and father of Varra, who loves Morning.


SLINK, a creature of Vulpinus.


BLUFF, steward and secretary to Leonatus.


GROWL }  Plundering schemers who would oppress and rob the city. 


High Priest of the city.


VARRA, a young noble ,in love with Morning, daughter of Leonatus.


DESPOND, a young noble, the friend of Varra.


POSE } Two decadents who affect the society of the city and preach despair and rottenness.


MORNING, a beautiful young girl, daughter of Leonatus.


LUPINA, a clever and beautiful woman, who loves Varra and schemes with Vulpinus.


Priests, lords, merchants, people and mob.