The Last Robin
Lyrics and Sonnets

by Ethelwyn Wetherald



HOW dear to hearts by hurtful noises scarred
     The stillness of the many-leavèd trees,
The quiet of green hills, the million-starred
     Tranquility of night, the endless seas
Of silence in deep wilds, where nature broods


In large, serene, uninterrupted moods.

Oh, but to work as orchards work—bring forth
     Pink bloom, green bud, red fruit and yellow leaf,
As noiselessly as gold proclaims its worth,
     Or as the pale blade turns to russet sheaf,


Or splendid sun goes down the glowing west,
Still as forgotten memories in the breast.

How without panting effort, painful word,
     Comes the enchanting miracle of snow,
Making a sleeping ocean.  None have heard


     Its waves, its surf, its foam, its overflow;
For unto every heart, all hot and wild,
It seems to say, “Oh, hush thee!  hush, my child!” [Page 130]